Pyrography tool

Originally I was going to draw a design on, but I talked to the technicians in the wood workshop and they recommended using a pyrography tool to burn the design in, I agreed that that was the best idea and they got it out for me to use.

The tool was quite tricky to use at first, but the more I used it the better and more steady handed I got. With the trunk not being perfectly circular I decided to use the rings as a guide and kept the design within a few rings, this was very helpful because the space between them changed and so there was room for imperfections with the writing or numerals. If you look at the roman numerals photo then you can clearly see the difference in size of some of them, I think this works really well though because it accentuates the importance of the rings, but also nature isn't perfectly precise, it is the imperfections that give it its organic feel. Nature doesn't conform to the strict guidelines of urban linear time, with its precise milliseconds and constant ticking away, nature is free to grow and evolve. It is these contrasting ideas that I am trying to highlight with my sculpture and retaining the writing within the rings is another effective way of showing this.

I loked in word for a suitable font for the seasons, I wanted one that would work well with the theme of nature, one that had an organic feel and had a flow. I found Trajan Pro which was perfect, I particularly like the R and the curves on the U and G. I think the serif typeface works well and is in keeping with the numerals and also the traditional, old fashioned style. This typeface allows a little change between the seasons too, Spring has a nice curvy exterior and feels a lot more inviting than Winter, where the strong, straight lines resemble the cold harshness of the winter weather. I don't know if this is down to the letters or the typeface but it works well.