G01 practice for exhibition

Today we had our practice exhibition in G01 and it was terrible! First of all only half the people actually turned up so we didn't know exactly how much space each person would need and what kind of space everyone wanted, either wall hanging space, floor space or a dark room for projections, whether their finished pieces would be a sculpture, video instillation or photographs and which work it would compliment and look good next to. For the people that did manage to turn up it wasn't that great either, most of the work wasn't complete (me included) and in some cases was just an idea brought along that made it very difficult to place it next to other work. It also didn't help that we were in a completely different space to the one we were actually exhibiting in, which made it hard to determine how much wall and floor space we would actually have, wether there would be windows near, what shape the space is, how high the ceiling is and even what material the floor would be. These are all small details but they are massively important when it comes to curating an exhibition. I understand that it is important to bring everyone together and try to collaborate with each other and get a feel for an exhibition space, but with it being so different to where we are exhibiting and with only a handful of the group with semi finished pieces it doesn't really help. I think it would have been much more useful to spend the day working on our pieces and all coming together when we can get into federation house and spending the day there moving work around, trying different combinations out and transforming the space into an actual exhibition. 

This was a prime example of how the collaboration of different people coming together didn't really work, there is about half the group that haven't bothered turning up to any of the meetings and haven't played a role in the several group chats we have been having on the Facebook page specifically made for 'Time Unit X Group'. It is these people who are letting the side down. On the other hand, the group chat has been really useful for communicating with other people who we wouldn't normally see on a regular basis and keep up to date with what they are getting up to with their work.