Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Hepworth Gallery

We went to the YSP and Hepworth Gallery today and it was definitely worth going. I had been to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park not that long ago but this time when we went we got to go into the storeroom where they keep all the sculptures while not on show and had a really insightful talk into how and where they source their sculptures from and how much funding they get to buy them. It was interesting to see this side, that we rarely see, and was great to get an idea of how we might submit our work to get bought by people after we leave university. 

We then went on to the Hepworth Gallery which I haven't been to before, it was a nice change to look at art rather than think about creating my own for a while. Im not a massive fan of her work but it was interesting to see how long she had been creating art for and the huge catalogue of work she had managed to make.

All in all it was good day out, although it did not relate directly to my work, it is always good to expand your horizons, visit new places and try new things.