Finalising my sculpture

When I got to federation house with my tree trunk it was clear that it didn't work with the wooden floorboards, wood on wood was not good, it detracted from my piece. I decided it needed to have something else underneath it and tried white paper but that still didn't look great. I also thought that it needed raising off the ground slightly but worked well with the viewer looking down upon it, so I made a small plinth for it to rest on. I got a piece of MDF of 15mm thickness cut to A2 size and painted the edges white. I was messing around with some photos I had printed earlier that day, seeing what would look good and when I put the tree trunk on top of the 8 x 8 Sky photo montage that I had produced previously in the unit, I knew they complimented each other. I then decided to get a thin sheet of clear perspex cut to A2 size to go in-between the trunk and photo so the weight of the trunk didn't distort the photo. I am really happy with the end result that came about from being playful and open to new ideas! 

I think the base worked well for me because having it raised slightly off the ground gave it a sense of importance, but still allowed the viewer to look down upon it. Having both the edges of the MDF painted white and the border of the photograph white gave the impression that it was all one sculpture and meant all the components came together to make one coherent sculpture. I think the sky photo works well on several levels, firstly it is another huge reference to Nature, secondly the deep blues bring out the warm woody colours of the trunk and lastly I think the gridded design of the photo contrasts the organic nature of the tree. The grid is very precise and has the feel of a man made aspect to it, almost transforming the sky into something that can be manipulated, manufactured and mass produced, turning it into a synthetic product. 

The sky works on another level allowing the sculpture to almost levitate, seeing that the sky is below the stump. The photo looked pretty effective by itself on the floor, just because it has a bit of a juxtaposition with the sky and looking down onto the floor. Its not a sight you often see and it feels unnatural to have look down and find what you usually see looking up.