Final stages

All hands on deck! 

It was great to see everyone working together and deciding on important issues, like which pieces compliment each other and how best to display works, as a team. We would all help each other out, and when your area was sorted you would give someone else a hand who hadn't finished yet. there was constant conversations about what was working and where improvements could be made and we didn't leave until everyone was satisfied. This was a huge change from the practice exhibition in G01 the other week! The task of producing an cohesive exhibition that seemed so daunting just seven days ago was now an easily manageable one through having all the finished pieces ready and all the group chipping in together. As a team we brought several different ideas and works together and created one single, harmonious representation of time, displayed across many pieces.

The set up was also a great opportunity to talk to other people about their work and to get a real insight into how and why they did certain things or used certain materials. Although this project was meant to focus on collaboration I feel that it was only in the last week that we actually came together and started working as a team. This is probably down to a few key points, the first being that the unit started just before the easter holidays where everyone was off doing their own things (I was in Spain and Portugal for the most) and we hadn't really met up as a group before then. Also the fact that people have done what they want and don't want to be tied down to working in a certain group hasn't helped, but also I thought that the collaboration of unit X was the coming together of students from different courses, fine art, art history and curation, to produce an exhibition of work on the theme of time, which we have actually managed to do rather well.