Portugal window

There was a great view out of the window at the hostel we were staying at...

...and I had the idea of taking lots of photos at different times of the day and then showing the same window but with each individual section showing a different time of day. Here is the finished result. 

I think it was a good idea but the finished piece isn't that great because of a few problems. the first was that I didn't have a tripod with me so the photos were all taken from different positions as I moved throughout the day, this meant that the window sections were all different sizes and at slightly different angles so they didn't fit the individual window panes well at all. This also forced me to crop the image down to just the black window frame which looks a bit tacky in my opinion. Also the times I took the photos were pretty similar because we were usually away from the hostel during the day, so a lot of the photos looked very similar, either early morning or with a sunset.