Gallery at the Alhambra

While at the Alhambra we found a really cool little Gallery inside the Charles V Palace, it had work from the artist Carmen Laffon. There was lots of different styles of her work over the years, but the large interconnecting paintings of sky covering a complete wall caught my eye. I wasn't allowed to take any photos inside but managed to find these on google although they don't give the sense of scale as only a few of the painted boards are visible. 

I love how some of the paintings match up well and flow across the boards and others stop dead and give you a straight line and deep contrast - similar to some of my 'passing of 1 hour' shots. This is a different subject though and a new idea of separate scenes of sky rather than the same scene spliced that I have done previously, I could try this by doing a time-lapse style but having only sky and clouds visible. By not having a fixed structure, e.g. a building, I should get some different results which will be interesting.