12 shot panorama

I wanted to show a 360º panorama of the location whilst also depicting the change in time in a single image. To do this I took 12 photos equally spread out like a clock face whilst standing still and just rotating round taking a photo every hour starting at 7am. I then cropped the images to get the central slice of the scene and put the twelve together in order.

I think the staggered effect creates an interesting and unique vision of a seemingly normal space, it doesn't flow as well as the 13 shots over the space of an hour. This is because I was using the camera throughout the day for other things, so I was judging it by eye - next time maybe use a tripod!

The image is effective showing the different stages of the day (although it looked pretty similar all day). You get the colourful sun rise at the start and the change in weather to rain in the last stages which is interesting. I think the concept is a good one but the execution wasn't that great.