The final push

Today was all hands on deck! with some great results from one of our dilution series we made a final attempt at getting a pure culture in the broth, we also had the fantastic idea of looping in the dark so we could actually see the isolated colonies and have a much better shot at looping the right bacteria. We shut all the blinds and turned off all the lights so it was as dark as possible in the space, you need a bunsen burner to sterilise the loop before looping and so the only thing visible was a flame. 

Some of our broth solutions were looking good in the dark so we took some of the best ones and took the swabs out before placing them in the centrifuge. They were in there for 10 minutes rotating at 3800 times a minute so when they came out we were left with all the bacteria forming a pellet at the bottom of the container. After this we drained the excess broth away and added a tiny amount of fresh broth in the hope that the glow would be more concentrated than before. 

We also got one of the squid and put him into a Kilner jar, to see what it would look like, as this was how we were going to display the squid in the exhibition. Filling the jar with salt water would be fine as it was only a short amount of time we needed the squid to be on show for, it didn't matter about preserving it. I really liked the look of the squid pressed up against the jar and the water being slightly foggy just added to the mystery shrouding the squid. I took the jar into the dark room to see if you could still make it out and to my surprise the water had a faint glow to it! When we shook the jar the bioluminescent bacteria seemed to just wash off the squid and make the water in the jar glow.

We then decided to use some of this water to feed the flowers to see if they could take it up before the show tomorrow. we cut the flowers to length and a spliced the bottom of the stems to try and allow easier access into the flowers. filling the flasks with some of the squid water we then bunged the ends of them so there would be no spillage and tin foiled them so that the broth was in darkness, but leaving the flowers able to grow in the light. They then went into the rotating incubator, leaving them for 24hours.