Planning & prep

As it is a Monday again we got a new squid from the Arndale fish market, well actually we got two again as last time we had two together it produced the best results we have had so far! We left them up in the lab, same as always, and then left to go to Manchester Art Gallery to have a look around at possible spaces for our Thursday Late, as that is all the work we could complete on the Science side for today. 

We thought we had a scheduled planning and prep meeting at the Gallery, but it turns out we didn't, so we asked if Kate the head curator was around and free, which luckily she was, and managed to have a good discussion with her about our ideas for the evening and how logistics wise it would work. We talked about the security lights being turned off to offer us the darkest possible space, how and where we could hang a frame from, the risk assessments that would need to be completed for bringing in things fro the labs and also about the plinths situation. It was a lot to take in but was a great opportunity to discuss one on one what was achievable and how we could execute it, we even got taken down to the storage spaces downstairs to see if any of the plinths they had there would work for our exhibition. 

This is the space we are wanting to exhibit in as it is the darkest available space which we need so you are able to see the glowing. The bench would obviously be moved and there are lights above that would work for hanging the frame from, the space is quite narrow but I feel the work would fit well into this space. 

I also trailed round a few charity shops looking for some frames to hang for my sculpture, I didn't have much luck but i did find a suitable back up option in Oxfam in Withington. These frames aren't ideal as they are smaller than what I was hoping for but it is nice to know that I have a plan B incase I don't manage to find any others in time. I really want the frames to be as ornate as possible so they really give the impression of a mirror, theses two are alright but I am looking for something a bit grander and more characterful. 

I also tried to get carnations in several different florists around the manchester area, rom Northern Quarter right down to Didsbury, with no luck at all! From my research into which flowers worked best, the close second was roses, I eventually found a bunch of them in Co-op of all places.  

The idea was to test out the dye with the flowers first to see how long they typically take to suck up the dye and change their petal colour, so we would have a rough idea of when the flowers would show if they were glowing or not. I also decided to test out different length of stems and concentration of dye to see if they affected the overall success of the experiment. So I got five glasses and filled them with the same amount of water, some plant food that came with the flowers and different amounts of dye. I pruned them and then cut them to either 15cm, 20cm or 25cm, putting a mixture in each of the different concentrations. It was then time to leave them and see how long it would take them to change colour.