A pure culture!

Today was the day of the Thursday Late and we were all excited going into the Lab's following the aftermath of yesterdays fantastic results. We took our broths and flowers into the dark room and crossed all of our fingers and toes! There wasn't much happening with the flowers but to our amazement we had successfully harvested a pure culture of bioluminescent bacteria, two of them were really bright but seven out of ten all had a degree of glowing to them. These were the best results yet and I think they were down to the fact that we had looped in the dark and actually been able to see exactly what we were picking up. This was extraordinary and just in time! 

With a few of the less glowing cultures we poured one of them into each of the flowers that we had and decided to make a little hat for the top of the flowers, so they too were in complete darkness, and put them back into the rotating incubator for a few hours longer, before we would need to pick them up to take them over to MAG. 

I also used the wide format printers to print off two images of the glowing bacteria, one on the squid and another of one of three agar plates from the first successful dilutions that we managed to produce.