The last squid

Getting a decent amount of glow on yesterdays squid we got to work, doing two separate dilutions from different squid and taking a lot of swabs from all three to submerge in the broth solutions. We had both Scientists back in the Lab again, as they had completed the majority of their exams now and had a small break before their last one. This was great for morale and also knowledge as they had a much better understanding of the science behind the methods and had completed them a lot more often than I had. As we were nearly running out of agar plates, we settled on using only three dilutions for each series, usually where you would achieve the best results anyway.

As it is the last week, and also the last chance, that we will get to work on any more squid before the exhibition we decided again to get another three squid. These would be the last squid ever that would stink out the microbiology labs, well at least from the Squid Squad anyway!