Friday the13th

Some people are superstitious around this date and believe it brings bad luck, I don't share this view, however it didn't seem to do me any good as none of yesterdays experiments worked! It was all rather discouraging as I had quite enjoyed experimenting the other day and was hopeful that I would yield some good results. Everything had to go into the biohazard waste, as it does every time when we are finished with them, it is very unsatisfying throwing away all of your failed results.  

The day wasn't a complete write off though, I managed to go into the wood workshop and build a few plinths as none of the ones available from MAG were the right size or shape. The wood didn't cost too much and it didn't take very long, I also managed to swipe a bit of paint and gave them their first coat after I got them out of the workshop. As I made them myself I could guarantee that they were both identical, which is really important as the frame in my piece acts as a mirror, so they would need to be the same distance apart and exactly the same shape.