Squid meets scalpel

I was all alone in the Lab today and after having a chat to one of the technicians the other day I decided that after taking some more swabs to broth solution that I would attempt to slice a thin layer of the skin from where the squid was glowing and submerge it in saline solution to try and subtract some of the more concentrated areas of bacteria. Using an incredibly sharp scalpel and a pair of grippers I cut off three small sections of skin where the glow was best, it felt a bit weird dissecting an animal as it isn't something I have ever done before, but by far the worst part of it was the smell! 

After acquiring the small sections of squid I vortexed the solutions and then, using a pipette, placed 1cl of the solution into a broth solution and 1cl onto an agar plate. I then vortexed the broth solution and wrapped in tin foil ready to go into the rotating incubator and using the glass spreaders again spread out the solution onto the agar plate ready to go into the other incubator. They would be left for another day to allow any growth that might occur. 

I wasn't sure if any of this would produce any good results but it was fun to try something new and also seeing as how our other results seemed so varied it was definitely worth a shot trying any new methods that could work.