Muck up's and mock up's

Checking back into the lab we discovered that our second dilution series hadn't gone as well as our previous efforts, in fact we had no glowing at all again. This has been such a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, feeling elated when things are going great but also feeling wearied and uninterested when it's not going our way! Since we had no bacteria to sample it was time for squid number seven to make an appearance. 

At the Wednesday session we sorted out our locations for each of the six groups, luckily there was no overlap here, so no need to fight for places. We also had a chat about how are projects were coming along and what we would need for the actual event in just over a weeks time. We discussed the importance of the frame in my piece and I was adamant that it played an important role and that I needed it incorporated into the sculpture. I was advised to test out how it would all look, as I haven't actually seen what it would like, other than in my imagination, although I have a strong vision of what I want to achieve.

Following their advice I decided to go and create a mock up of how I wanted the sculpture to look and how the different aspects would interact together. Using two plinths and hanging an empty frame up in one of the bookable spaces in the studios I played around with different layouts and tried to see how well they complimented each other. I hung the frame at varied heights, swapped between portrait and landscape positions, looked at different distances the plinths were from the frame and even without the frame entirely. I found that I liked the frame hanging portrait and roughly in line with the plinths height, as this allowed you to look through the frame and see both of the objects encased in it. The distance I preferred the further you got from the frame, although this was a smaller space than I would have in the Gallery so I guess I can scope it out there and adjust accordingly. The time spent doing this was highly valuable and only cemented the need for the frame to be a part of my work.