Dilutions and disasters

Back in the lab we decided to attempt another dilution series seeing as our last one had gone so well. Doing exactly the same procedure as before we took a total of six dilutions before placing them all back in the incubator. We also tried some swabs directly from the squid into broth again and put them into the incubator that keeps them spinning. 


I checked on the flowers on our windowsill every three hours, taking a photograph to see if there were any alterations. The dark one was taken at 11pm at which point I went to bed and then just checked up again once I had woken up the next morning. 

After a full 24 hours there was still no colour change at all in any of the flowers, the websites I had looked at previously stated that after around six hours there was usually some subtle but noticeable difference. This was a bit of a disappointment and I think I will have to go on the hunt again for some carnations as they are meant to work the best. I had followed the instructions carefully so I expect the problems are down to the type of flowers, these roses did seem to have very thick stems, so maybe that had an impact too.