Miniature solar systems

Me and Nat headed into the lab again today to check up on our dilutions to see if we had successfully managed to dilute the bioluminescent bacteria into a more manageable number of colonies so we could more easily pick a single one out. When we looked at our six dilutions it was only the first three that had some glow to them, the last three for whatever reason didn't seem to glow. As you can see in the image below they do get dramatically diluted and maybe it was that there simply weren't enough of the bacteria present for the to glow at all. As a fist attempt at this method and with only the Artists undertaking it due to exams for he BioMed students, I would say we did a pretty good job! (even if I do say so myself)  

When I first came in I forgot my camera so after seeing the amazing results we got I biked back home to pick up my camera and tripod so I could et some nice long exposures of our dilutions. This photo is around a 2 minute exposure, it is only this long because of the low ISO settings, I kept the ISO at 100 so that the image is as clean as possible, with as little noise in it. This photo is also shot on RAW so it will still look great if blown up to a bigger size, which might be an option for our Thursday Late if we can't get any flowers to glow. 

I really like this image, the middle one especially looks to me like a whole solar system with each colony as a star and maybe some of the brighter ones as planets. It is ridiculous to see in person, much better than a photograph can reproduce but it is a good representation for those who come to the Manchester Art Gallery who won't be able to come into the lab to see them.