Squid no. 4

After the exhilaration of last week's successes and in the anticipation of coming back to some great results, we were obviously disappointed to find that none of our batches of broth or agar plates had a single faint glimmer to them. The sad squid below paints a thousand words...

This is the third time in a row now that our trials have failed while left over the weekend. This could be down to a number of different reasons but after some research into our bacteria - vibrio fisheri, we found that it reaches its peak brightness after 24 hours. This means that after this time it starts to get dimmer and dimmer unit there is no glow left at all, it is for this reason that we believe that all our experiments have come to a close over the weekend. As we are not allowed access into the labs for Saturday and Sunday we cannot transfer the bacteria onto new agar plates in time. This also means that time scale is important and that starting with a fresh squid on a Monday grants us the longest time frame in which to continue our experimentation. 

With this we went on our now accustomed route to the arndale to pick up another squid and took it back to the lab, following the, well known by now, procedure and leaving it for another 24 hours.