Tony Hall - Tabletop experiments

Today in our wednesday session we were joined by Tony Hall and his big box of goodies! It was a hands on series of experiments, working with batteries, magnets, ink, syringes and even ferrofluid. More than anything it was just fun, taking time out to play around with things reminded me of being a child again. We don't do enough exploring and experimenting but Art and Science are some of the few area's that allow this creative practice to flourish.  

Here is a video of the battery/magnet experiment working, here we just created a completed circuit using wire to connect the battery and the magnet causing the wire to spin around. It is a simple experiment to do, but was fun to reproduce. 

I didn't make it into the lab today as the Science students went in while I was at the tabletop experiments afternoon. They got some great results though, with the broth glowing once it was shaken up. They also got some good glow from the agar plates but again there was too much growth of other bacteria, so they streaked again onto fresh agar, this time trying a slightly altered method. Instead of the usual 4 streaks per section, we went down to 3 and also added another section to try and really spread the vast combination of different bacteria out as thinly as possible to get some isolated colonies. Below is an example of the new improved streaking method. Again they are left in the incubator in the dark and we will return in another 24 hours to check up on them.