Inoculation and broth

Taking the streaked plates from yesterday into the darkroom we picked out the points with the most isolated cultures and marked them on with a pen. In the light we attempted to loop the bioluminescent bacteria and then put it into 10cl of broth solution, we only scraped the loop along the inside of the container, being careful not to dip it into the solution. Then we used the vortex machine to make sure it was thoroughly mixed in. After we had done two samples form each of the agar plates we then wrapped them up in tin foil, to keep then in darkness, and placed them in the incubator that keeps them at a constant temperature (22°c) and rotates them, so the nutrients in the broth don't just settle at the bottom. 

As well as the broth, we also took a sample from Wednesday's agar plate and inoculated the whole of another agar plate to try and get a whole load of the bioluminescent bacteria on there so we have a bigger selection of colonies to attempt to isolate. Again looking back on previous results and deciding to alter some aspects in order to give us a wider range of possibilities and hopefully produce some more prominent results. Below is a photo of Thursday's efforts (marked in blue) taken from Wednesday's results (the agar plate in the centre). We have put the samples away in their corresponding incubators and will check up on them tomorrow. 

Here is a quick look at the inoculation agar plates, as you can see the swabs are moved across the agar in a cross hatch effect to cover as much of the area as possible to get as much glowing bacteria as we can to grow.