Bioluminescence at it's best!

We got the best glow we have had yet from the two squid together! It was a really big concentration of bioluminescent bacteria from all over the body of the squids. I managed to get a great long exposure in the dark room detailing the full extent of the glowing. With our hopes high we headed into the lab to once again try and isolate the bioluminescent bacteria. 

Using the same technique as before we streaked the agar plates with a swab taken from the part of the squid where the glowing was brightest. Again we took 3 samples from the body, tentacles and water to maximise our chances. 

With the agar plates working but not producing amazing results, we decided it was time to try a new method as well as still attempting to get a pure culture with the old method. So this time we also tried taking a swab and directly submerging it into the broth solution, in the hopes that the broth solution will glow. The container was vortexed using a small machine before being wrapped in tin foil (to stop any light getting in) and then put in the incubator that controls the temperature at the same time as spinning the solution. We need the broth to be in constant motion so that the bacteria doesn't just sit at the bottom and so it can use all the nutrients that are present in the solution. 

We decided to try this new approach after consulting with James, one of the microbiologist researchers, who has worked with bioluminescent algae previously. He suggested taking a direct swab as the glowing was so intense. We will have to wait another 24 hours to see the results!