Jumping through loops

So after another 24 hours we headed back into the lab and took our agar plates from the incubator and took them into the dark room where we could see if there was any glow. There were quite a few bright spots of light on three of our agar plates, so we tried as best we could to mark where they were (pretty hard in the dark when you couldn't even see the pen you were holding!) hence the messy scribbles.

We then used a teal loop in attempt to isolate some of the bioluminescent bacteria further, as there was a lot of growth from other bacteria and we want a pure culture. This involved heating up the loop to sterilise it before carefully trying to pick up just the glowing bacteria, which you obviously can't see any more, and then re-streaking some fresh agar plates. We use a loop because it is more accurate than a swab, which is what you want when you are trying to get a single colony.

We streaked another three plates from each of the original three so we, in theory, have nine chances of getting an isolated culture. These then go back in the incubator in the dark at 18°c and should be left for another day to grow, although it is Friday now and we don't have access to the labs over the weekend, so we will have to hope that they survive until Monday morning!