Seeing the light!

After leaving the squid in our cupboard under the stairs for just over 24 hours we checked up on it and to our amazement we could definitely see some glowing occurring! There were a few patches across the bulk of the body but the brightest bit by far was on one of the tentacles. 

It was only the squid that had some glowing, there was nothing with the prawns unfortunately. After taking a few photos, to prove that it worked, we resealed the boxes and left it in the darkness for another few hours. I had to go to work but Nic from my group managed to cut off the glowing parts later that day and freeze them in an attempt to preserve the glowing bacteria. We knew that the squid had already been frozen prior to buying it and some of the bacteria we were after had clearly survived so we assume it will be ok to refreeze until we can get into the labs (as it is a Sunday and we still need to get our risk assessment forms filled in.) 

It was fantastic to actually perform our own experiment and even better to see it succeed! We have concluded that the squid works better than the prawns and that freezing of the squid doesn't necessarily affect the bioluminescent bacteria that we are after. All we can do know is hope that it keeps until we take it into the lab.