In the Lab

Today we managed to get the risk assessment form completed and headed into the lab to see if our frozen specimen still had some of the glowing bacteria present, we had to wear all the appropriate clothing and take all the proper safety precautions beforehand. Taking the separated pieces into the darkest room possible we found that they were not glowing. This wasn't good news and meant that we would have to conduct the experiment all over again, although we now know that the bacteria we are after can't be frozen again after glowing - a useful piece of information.  

We headed back into town to the Arndale to purchase another squid, deciding that it was best to get it from the same place that we knew had worked previously. We carried out the experiment exactly as we had done before but this time left the squid in the labs, as this would cut down on transportation and the need to freeze it, which should allow us to isolate the bacteria we want while the squid is still glowing.

After the elation of the surprisingly good results we got, it was obviously disappointing to have to go back to square one again, this also meant we were spending more time repeating ourselves in an already limited time frame. However this time we are more confident that we will be able to get the desired results with the squid not needing to be frozen and having already managed to make it work before. We will head back into the lab after 24 hours have passed, enough time to see if the bioluminescent bacteria are present.