Cyland: Cyberfest

While down in London I stopped off to see the Cyberfest exhibition at Village Underground in Shoreditch. It was the 9th annual Cyberfest Which this year merged to become part of Convergance, a celebration of musical pioneers, visual artists and technologists with events being held all around central London.

The exhibition included work from Elena Gubanova, Ivan Gororkov, Alexandra Dementieva and the curator Anna Frants. All the work focused on a connection between art and technology and was mainly interactive. One of my favourite pieces was Mirror's Memory by Alexandra Dementieva which came to life when the viewer stood on a square on the floor that triggered a live recording of you on the screen along with one or two previous recordings of other people. The accompanying recordings were determined by computer algorithms and it was great to watch people's reactions and see how they would be remembered in the footage. The work aimed to challenge the very essence of human memory through blurring the lines of digital and organic forms of recognition. There was also a record player along with sounds printed onto glass squares in the form of a record that the viewer was invited to listen to which was really cool. It was great to have works that were so interactive and allowed you to engage fully with all your senses.